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Werribee Towing

Oh no!

Whether you have a flat, your battery’s dead, or you’ve accidently left the keys in the boot, it’s not good.

There’s nothing worse than being left stranded. You’re not alone if you feel flustered and vulnerable. Who can you call to get you out of this mess?

Towing companies have the worst reputation. You’ve heard the horror stories.  The hefty release charges. Rude phone operators. People being stranded for hours. Or not picked up at all.

You’ve seen cars getting towed on their wheels. There’s no way you’re getting anywhere near a business that will mess up your car.

How do you find a towing company that’s reliable and professional with great customer service? At a cost that’s reasonable?

5 Common mistakes when looking for a good towing company in Werribee

Mistake 1: Not asking for their operating hours

Is the towing company closing in 5 minutes? Beware. You could be slugged with crazy after-hours towing fees. Or worse, left stranded.

Avoid the stress and cost. Choose a Werribee towing company that runs around the clock. This will give you a more reliable response team on hand to help you no matter where you are - to take your car to its destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mistake 2: Not doing your homework

A towing company that’s been around the block for many years are still here for a reason. Otherwise they’d go out of business.

There are exceptions of course. But longevity is one reassuring sign of a good towing company who will come through for you when you need it most. Great customer reviews will also give you peace of mind.

Mistake 3: Forgetting to ask about their service area

A towing company that has a 20km service distance is no use if your car needs to be dropped off at your mechanic 40km away. Look for a Werribee towing company with a few locations and services long distance, such as 100km or more.

Mistake 4: Not confirming your quote

Beware of towing companies that sneak in hidden costs. Ask for a quote and you should expect to pay for exactly that amount (or very close to it).

Check for release charges, after hours fees (if it doesn’t run 24/7), and emergency call out fees. You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a professional, reliable, tow - no matter how urgently you need them.

Mistake 5: Not asking your insurance company for recommendations

Your friends and family might point you to a Werribee towing company they’ve used before. But how often have they actually used the company?

Your insurance company has a list of Werribee towing company providers they recommend to their customers every day. You’ll have a better chance of getting a professional, dependable, reasonably priced tow if you use a company used by your insurance company.

The big insurance companies use professional towing service that take pride in their work - and expect to be held accountable. If there are any problems, customers can easily take it up with the insurance company.

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